Restorative Dental Treatment

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Restorative Dental Treatment

It is the process of cleaning the decay detected by the dentist with the help of tools on the tooth and filling the resulting cavity.

It can be cleaned under local anesthesia, depending on the depth of caries and your pain threshold.

When all the decay is cleared, the dentist shapes the cavity and prepares it for the filling.

The filling system made for aesthetic purposes without reducing the teeth is called ‘’bonding’’. A preliminary examination is required for this procedure, which requires technical sensitivity and good oral hygiene.



  1. Composite Filling (white fill);

It is the material that can imitate the natural color and shape of the tooth best.

The texture compatibility of this material, which hardens with blue light, is also successful.

There are different color options applied for children's teeth.

2.Porcelain Filling (inlay-onley);

It is a computer-aided procedure that is measured after the decay is removed and is performed in the laboratory.

Its cost is higher than composite.

It is a preferred application if tissue loss in the tooth is excessive.

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