Moda Dental Clinic

It is a branch of science that deals with the age group of 0-14 years.

Childhood is the most important period when the foundations such as tooth brushing habit, doctor-needle fear, diet (obesity, anorexia, etc.), and the protection of perm..

It is the treatment that allows the crowded teeth to come to the desired appearance and function.

Orthodontic examination starts from the age of 6.

It can be applied in all age groups.

Duration of treatment can range from 6..

It is the process of cleaning the decay detected by the dentist with the help of tools on the tooth and filling the resulting cavity.

It can be cleaned under local anesthesia, depending on the depth of caries and your pain threshold.


It is the treatment made into the root of the tooth when the decay reaches the nerve of the tooth.

It is the last treatment to avoid pulling the tooth.

The inflamed nerve of the tooth is removed and washed with solutions to disinfe..

Periodontists are dentistry's e​xperts in treating periodontal disease. They receive up to three additional years of specialized training in periodontal disease treatment in both non-surgical treatments and periodontal plastic surgery procedures. ..

  • Impacted tooth extraction (impacted teeth such as 20 years old)
  • Removal of lesions such as cysts, fibroma, hemangioma
  • Implant surgery
  • Apical resection (removal of the lesion at the root tip)
  • Graft app..

It is the process of bleaching the teeth.

This process can be applied to almost anyone.

Neighboring teeth with old fillings should be evaluated.

Patients with high caries activity are whitened after treatment.


It provides the elimination of the loss of teeth and surrounding tissues.

These losses cause chewing, aesthetic and speech disorders.

Chewing Disorder; It causes joint-muscle-stomach problems and ac..